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Seegrid Corporation, a leading autonomous mobile robot (AMR) provider, is proud to introduce Automated Buffer Management (ABM) — the industry’s first comprehensive buffer management solution. Designed to automate the loading and unloading of inventory buffers throughout manufacturing and distribution processes, ABM provides predictable and reliable throughput while enabling manual resources to be allocated to more complex tasks.
Buffers are universally present in facilities worldwide, with many facilities having dozens, even hundreds, of them under one roof. They are crucial for maintaining smooth operational flow, maximizing space utilization, and enhancing overall productivity. Traditionally, managing buffers has been a manual and time-consuming process leading to inefficient work practices, excess inventory, and increased operational costs. By automating this workflow with Seegrid Forklift AMRs, ABM will revolutionize efficiency by intelligently managing and optimizing buffers within Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution Logistics.

Implementing ABM lowers operational costs by automating a completely manual workflow, reduces inventory by delivering a predictable throughput volume, and contributes to improved work satisfaction with the ability to have employees reallocated to higher skilled tasks.

Innovation Statement

Effectively managing buffers is one of the most important parts of any material handling workflow. Whether inbound to putaway, finished goods to outbound, or WIP to manufacturing line, Seegrid will be leading the way to automating these mission-critical workflows. This breakthrough in material handling automation gives facilities the ability to plan throughput and traffic flow, allowing you to bring the stability and predictability offered by automation to one of the most important workflow applications in warehouses and manufacturing facilities today.


Seegrid’s Automated Buffer Management solution is applicable to nearly every manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics facility worldwide—enhancing operational agility, reducing costs, and lowering inventory like never before.


Posted Date1/22/24
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