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Founded in 2014, RoboSense introduced the M Platform in 2017. In 2021, RoboSense became the world’s first LiDAR company globally to achieve mass production of automotive grade LiDAR. Its new M3 sensor is the first long-range LiDAR sensor on RoboSense’s M Platform.

The M3 delivers a range of 300m @ 10% reflectivity with 940 nanometer (nm) wavelength technology, shattering the industry belief that "only 1550nm LiDAR sensors can achieve longer than 250m @ 10% range." The M3 adopts a modular design that enables performance improvement and cost reduction of next-generation models while maintaining form factor, interface, and scanning technology. Customers will be able to upgrade the next iteration of the M3 seamlessly without any design changes to their vehicles, minimizing the development cycle of intelligent driving solutions. The M3 scanner leverages the M platform's deep expertise in 2D scanning technology, supporting project consistency for customers and delivering a sensor with the performance they can trust. With an angular resolution of 0.05° x 0.05° within the region of interest (ROI), the M3 is able to detect smaller objects at longer distances, meeting the needs of global OEM/Tier1 for L3 functionality at up to 120km/hour. The M3 is designed primarily for L3 and above mass production vehicles globally for improved advanced driver assistance and autonomous systems, especially on the highway.

Innovation Statement

The Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that advanced driver-assistance systems for vehicle safety could prevent approximately 40% of all passenger-vehicle crashes and 29% of all deaths in crashes that involve passenger vehicles. RoboSense is improving advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving systems by delivering the M3, a cost-effective, high-performance LiDAR sensor that OEMs can use now. The M3 captures precise, high-resolution 3D data to detect roadway objects at up to 200m in low-light and nighttime lighting conditions, advancing the vehicle's capability of safely navigating a range of driving scenarios, including urban environments, winding roads, highways, and parking


MODEX provides attendees a look into the future; as a company leading the charge in the global adoption of LiDAR technologies, we're providing an inside look into how RoboSense is making this a reality -- through innovation and mass manufacturing -- and how LiDAR technology, like the M3, can be leveraged to improve safety and efficiency, from robotics to automotive/ADAS applications.


Posted Date1/22/24
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