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High throughput performance and quality are essential in the picking process. However, it can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming job, which can lead to inefficiencies and errors. Current challenges in picking include finding highly trained workers and reducing picking errors. The Kardex Intuitive Picking Assistant elevates order picking to the next level.
By projecting all relevant picking information onto Kardex Vertical Buffer Module and AutoStore empowered by Kardex access openings, Intuitive Picking Assistant guides the operator through the picking process. The IPA displays the item to be picked as well as the picking position in the bin and the quantity. A 3D camera recognizes the hand position of the operator. This enables the virtual display to be operated and the removal of an incorrect item is detected and reported back to the operator. To make the operation as ergonomic as possible, different user settings, tailored to individual needs are available.

Innovation Statement

With the current development of the Intuitive Picking Assistant, Kardex follows the "Natural User Interface" (NUI) trend, which describes the interaction between human and machine within a technically or naturally existing environment. Workers are guided intuitively and receive confirmation for each step, reducing the need for extensive training while improving ergonomics and overall performance.


Kardex Intuitive Picking Assistant follows the trend of intuitive and user-friendly operation with a visual picking display feature that responds to movements and guides the operator, thus enabling ergonomic, fast, error-free picking.


Posted Date1/22/24
ContactErica Wine
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