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DexoryView is the only system to combine autonomous scanning robots with AI powered analytics to provide real-time warehouse visibility using digital twin technology, providing a continuous flow of real-time data and analytics straight into your warehouse operations.
The Dexory solution consists of the autonomous robots mounted with multiple high quality cameras and sensors, that captures high definition 3D scans of the space and scans any labels and barcodes on pallets, parcels or products in the warehouse.
The information is fed back instantly to the digital twin platform which analyses and compares the data. The insights into the journey of goods across the warehouse enable quick responses to operational challenges across all levels of warehouse operations daily.

Innovation Statement

Dexory is the only company in the world that provides a real-time digital representation of customers’ warehouses, through the use of autonomous robots. Dexory’s technology captures unprecedented levels of data insight using AI and gives companies the ability to forecast and plan more accurately, improving their efficiencies, and having smarter management of their workforce.


Through the use of autonomous robots and digital twin technologies, DexoryView provides accurate, real-time visibility over your inventory and warehouse operations to reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance operational efficiency.


Posted Date1/22/24
ContactEnora Briec
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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