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Summary of Innovation

High Safety
Using a hybrid navigation method primarily based on laser SLAM navigation, the system is equipped with various safety measures, including deceleration, anti-collision, and obstacle avoidance, achieving automatic navigation and 360° all-round safety obstacle avoidance for the equipment.
High Convenience
1.One-click start, the equipment automatically travels to the unloading point and returns to the initial docking point without manual intervention throughout the entire process.
2.Alarm prompts for quick handling of alarms, avoiding operational delays.
3.Human-machine interaction, simple operation, and clear status display.
High Flexibility
Adaptability to Different Pallet Shapes and Multiple Box Sizes
Utilizing 3D vision recognition technology, it can accurately identify the position and posture of boxes, meeting the unloading needs of users with various sizes of multiple SKU boxes.
Flexible Task Sorting
With independently developed flexible unloading sorting functionality, it autonomously plans unloading paths, enhancing unloading efficiency.
Compatibility with Multiple Vehicle Types:
The technical specifications of this product match the standard dimensions of mainstream market truck compartments, making it compatible with various vehicle sizes and suitable for multiple truck specifications.
Adaptation to Multiple Unloading Docks
Equipped with an automatic walking chassis, the system enables free switching between multiple unloading docks, addressing the unloading requirements of multiple platforms with a single device.

Innovation Statement

Asian Elephant Intelligent Unloading Robot System is centered around intelligent unloading robots. It incorporates functions such as automatic scanning, dimension measurement, posture adjustment, automatic stacking, etc. The system enables automatic unloading of materials, stacking into pallets, and other processes. It is widely applicable to unloading requirements in various scenarios, including box trucks and container trucks.


High Efficiency
Based on comprehensive validation in industry scenarios, it can match the efficiency of five manual unloading operations. With the capability for dual grabbing and dual retrieval, and the configuration of an automatic stacking and storage system, it can achieve fully unmanned operations throughout the entire process.


Posted Date1/22/24
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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