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ProShip proudly introduces the revolutionary Parcel Config App, a cutting-edge configuration tool that provides browser-based, remote access to configure and maintain software servers, eliminating the reliance on IT resources. Empowering logistics teams, it allows seamless performance of diverse maintenance tasks, including configuring shipper locations, managing rate shop groups, and adjusting scheduled jobs.

Utilizing a user-friendly interface, operations teams can efficiently handle these tasks internally, enhancing self-sufficiency and minimizing dependence on valuable IT hours. This innovative tool marks a significant advancement in empowering logistics professionals to self-serve and respond promptly to evolving shipping needs, adding a valuable edge to the multi-carrier shipping software ecosystem.

Innovation Statement

The Parcel Config App introduces a groundbreaking approach to server configuration and maintenance, offering browser-based, remote accessibility that reshapes the logistics landscape. Its innovative design empowers users to efficiently manage complex tasks internally, reducing dependency on IT resources and enhancing flexibility in adapting to the dynamic requirements of parcel and LTL shipping.


The Parcel Config App streamlines server configuration and maintenance, empowering supply chain professionals with a user-friendly, browser-based solution for streamlined and autonomous task management in shipping operations.


Posted Date1/19/24
ContactKaty Schroedl
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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