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Movu escala?robotic bin storage and fulfilment

Movu escala is the next generation, 3D robotic bin storage and fulfilment sub-system. Based on goods-to-person picking from bins, it offers the most flexible AS/RS and order fulfilment solution – for even the smallest applications of bin-compatible products. The sub-system maximizes storage density, productivity and fulfilment accuracy by eliminating manual handling in the delivery of goods in bins to picker work stations. Its modular design allows capacity to be increased by simply adding additional storage modules and performance to be boosted by using additional robots.

Movu escala robots move bins in all three dimensions within a dense storage and retrieval system based on stow racking. A sophisticated rail track connects every location point within the storage system, and at different levels, in a simple and economical way. The robots move along the rails in two dimensions throughout a level of the system and they can move between levels via ramps, in a similar way to a car driving to the next level of a multi-storey car park. This eliminates the need for?maintenance-intensive conveyors, lifts, service aisle access and sequencers.

Innovation Statement

Movu escala introduces a revolutionary 3D robotic bin storage and fulfilment sub-system, providing unmatched flexibility for goods-to-person picking. With a modular design, intelligent swarm management, and seamless integration, it offers a cost-effective solution for diverse storage needs. Movu escala stands out with its single-source approach and innovative features, including the Movu eligo picking arm for enhanced fulfilment accuracy.


Attendees will appreciate the significance of this innovation as it provides a rapid and easily scalable entry point into automation, enabling seamless integration with other Movu Robotics sub-systems and workflow solutions. With its remarkable 800% greater density, adaptability to handle diverse loads, and 24/7 operational capability, this pre-engineered sub-system not only enhances profitability but also allows for the efficient optimization of storage capacity and performance, making it an ideal solution for production environments seeking cost-effective and reliable automation solutions.


Posted Date1/19/24
ContactManon Gargat
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