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Summary of Innovation

CartPilot from Cannon Equipment innovates in the field of material handling by adding modular power to traditional carts, transforming them into powered carts that are still easy to move by hand. This system integrates with nearly any manual cart, enhancing its versatility and practicality, and significantly boosting productivity with the added advantage of easy manual maneuverability.

Innovation Statement

The innovation of CartPilot lies in its unique combination of power assistance and hand-operated ease. This dual functionality makes it an efficient ergonomic solution, upgrading existing carts with a powerful electric motor and a durable battery, while maintaining the simplicity and agility of manual handling.


The significance of this innovation is profound. By enhancing the basic functionality of a common tool in material handling, CartPilot directly contributes to improved productivity, reduced physical strain on employees, and a return on investment, making it a valuable asset in logistics and manufacturing environments.


Posted Date1/12/24
ContactJoe Rother
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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