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Worldwide, food safety laws become enforced more and more to shift the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it.
Implementing a comprehensive "Farm to Fork" system that fulfills all requirements of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Rule 204 involves a multi-faceted approach, integrating advanced technologies like barcode and RFID labeling, robust IT systems, and returnable transport boxes. RFID labels ensure traceability and safety throughout the food supply chain, from the initial stages of farming to the final consumer purchase. Inmould labels guarantee absolute hygiene.
inotec RFID inmould labels fulfill both requirements.

Innovation Statement

inotec RFID inmould solutions are the perfect product for the permanent identification of (reusable) plastic pallets, containers and trays. The inotec RFID inmould labels are inseparably attached to the container which makes them 100% hygienic. They are resistant to extreme wear and tear, UV light, cleaning products, weak acids and other chemicals.
The single-layer label with integrated barcode, printed RFID antenna and mounted RFID chip is inseparably bonded to the load carrier using the injection molding process. This ensures that the RFID tag is an integral part of the load carrier and tamper-proof. Even with the high hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries the molding process ensures safety and quality. To date, inotec is the only company in the industry in Europe to be GS1-certified for the production and supply of inmould labels for meat container identification.
The inotec RFID inmould label combines years of experience in barcode inmould labels with RFID technology. inotec’s proprietary technology allows to overcome the challenge of RFID technology withstanding the temperature and pressure of the injection molding process to become an integral part of the container. We combine a special inmould material with our own antennas and chips and adapt it to the customers‘ requirements.


As a permanent labeling solution without adhesive inotec RFID inmould solutions impress with maximum durability and extreme resistance. The reason: the inmould labels are molecularly bonded to the carrier during the production process and are therefore flush with the surface. This makes it absolutely impossible for the label to peel or fall off, or for dirt or bacteria to migrate behind it. It also makes the labels particularly resistant to moisture or mechanical influences - for outstanding functionality in harsh and extreme environments. This makes inmould labels particularly suitable for the food industry or medical & pharmaceuticals, where maximum hygiene is essential, but also for marking pallets and containers. inotec inmould solutions are available in different versions and variants with consecutive serial numbers and sequential barcodes for unique identification.
Thanks to the inmould process, intermediate storage of the containers is no longer necessary and the containers can be dispatched directly.


Posted Date1/12/24
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