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Topper Industrial, a leading manufacturer in fork truck free cart delivery equipment has created a new cart system. The system called the Split Cart Combo takes tried and true cart delivery functionality and ties them together. This solution was created for an end user that needed to carry long bundles of material throughout their plant floor but did not want to incorporate a long cart. The customer also, struggled with unpredictability of their workflow. They had to be prepared for multiple streams and each with material varying load lengths within their process.

Topper Industrial created a two-cart system that functions as one with the material load acting as its link or "body" when being towed. Two smaller carts solved the first problem of needing to take up less space. Each cart is 4'x4' and carries a smaller footprint for storage when not in use. This also allowed the end user to leave their facilities' floor plan as is and utilize the aisles already in place. Additionally, the material being carried decided the length of the cart when being loaded for transit per route. This solved the second problem in creating cart solution that worked with all varying material length needs.

The first, front in sequence cart is a 4' x 4' rotating, traditional caster steer cart. Caster Steer has two swivel and two rigid casters. The cart is equipped with a rotating top. This is ideal because the top rotates 360° effortlessly due to the heavy-duty seal precision slew bearing. The rotate base of the first cart becomes your front "axle." Caster steer is ideal for the front cart in the combo because it allows the cart to follow the tugger and the cart to act as a bearing for the cart system.

The first cart in sequence, the rotating cart mirrors the height of the following, or second cart in sequence. The rear cart height was designed to match the front rotating cart as well.

The rear cart is also a 4' x 4' frame cart. It differs in being designed as a static cart. A static cart is a standard industrial cart with rigid fixed deck. The rear cart has six wheels. It has four outer swivel casters and two inside rigid casters. A six-wheel cart can rotate at its own length. This attribute is imperative in making the split cart combo work so well as a delivery solution.

The front cart again, acts as a bearing with material locked in as it's "body," and therefore, the rear cart can track well within the system. Both carts in the cart combo sequence have their upper framework equipped with six lockdown rings, this is how the material is locked or tied down to create the large cart system.

Innovation Statement

Topper Industrial created a two-cart system that functions as one with the material load acting as its link or "body" when being towed. With material loaded, the two carts tow as one and become a versatile, innovative tool for moving varying material loads.


The Split Cart Combo is relevant to material handling processes that seek to move varying lengths of material throughout the same material route on carts without having to change the route to accomplish it.


Posted Date1/03/24
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