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PAC Machinery, leaders in the packaging industry for over 60 years, introduces the PAC FW 650SI Servo Box Motion Inverted Flow Wrapper that runs NEW curbside recyclable paper. This innovative new technology gives industries that flow wrap with an alternative to plastic packaging on horizontal flow wrappers. The FW650SI runs with a new eco-friendly, curbside recyclable paper that eliminates plastic packaging for industries that flow wrap includes food, electronics, bakery, candy, industrial manufactured parts and even medical devices.

The FW 650SI Servo Box Motion Inverted Flow Wrapper makes bags to product length at high speed using PAC’s NEW Curbside, Recyclable Paper. The FW 650SI has a 13.75” wide end seal jaw to accommodate products up to 12” wide or 8” high. It has the ability to print directly on the package or on a label that is applied to the package, and is ideal for apparel and other soft, delicate products packaged with a continuous motion. It comes standard with a 6.5 ft. infeed conveyor belt with adjustable guides for multiple loading stations which provides flexibility when packing products of various length. For those not ready to make the move to paper, the FW 650SI is flexible enough that it can also run plastic-based films.

Innovation Statement

The FW 650SI is the first flow wrapper in the industry to packaging and seal products plastic-free using PAC’s NEW, curbside recyclable paper - ideal for businesses with plastic-free, sustainable packaging goals. Industries such as food, electronics, bakery, candy, industrial manufactured parts and even medical devices can package their products with an alternative to plastic. The harmful chemicals released from plastic products throughout their entire life cycle can pose a serious risk to humans and the environment.


Now packagers can package products by wrapping them on a flow wrapper with paper packaging that consumers recycle conveniently and safely in their curbside recycling bin – all while achieving your sustainable goals and doing your part to reduce plastic and package safer for the environment.


Posted Date12/21/23
ContactShannon Winans
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CategoryBest New Innovation in Sustainability

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