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The 3D Sorter intelligent seeding system has a larger storage capacity under the same volume, allowing for arbitrary settings of the length, width, and height dimensions of the seeding compartments. It enables ultra-dense and high-flow continuous seeding.

Innovation Statement

The innovative achievements of 3D Sorter in the industry are mainly manifested in three aspects: high seeding efficiency, optimal ROI, and strong flexibility.


The release of the 3D Sorter intelligent seeding system mainly solves many problems that traditional manual seeding walls or other automated operations cannot meet in the order seeding process, such as efficiency bottlenecks caused by sudden business growth, seeding of soft bag-packaged goods, rapid seeding of flat items, and seeding of fragile goods such as books, as well as flexible seeding of pharmaceuticals and foods that require full traceability throughout the process.


Posted Date11/29/23
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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