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BlueCrest specializes in providing comprehensive data-through-delivery technology solutions tailored for the parcel and postal sector. At the forefront of our offerings is the cutting-edge Raptor solution, a pinnacle of speed and intelligence in label application within the current market landscape. The Raptor Adaptive-Labeler, a testament to innovation, addresses the evolving demand for intelligent products that streamline operational processes. Boasting an ingenious design, this solution incorporates optimized controls and an enhanced vision system to automate label application efficiently, all within a compact work-cell, minimizing the required footprint and reducing labor needs. Noteworthy features include flexible configuration options for single or dual labeler modes, an impressive 80% increase in efficiency with 80% more labels per roll compared to traditional systems, on-demand variable length labels to eliminate the need for dedicated labeling units for each label size, and a high-throughput top apply design achieving up to 100ppm with just one head. The modular quick-change components further diminish redundancy, contributing to a sustainable and resource-efficient solution that maximizes operator efficiency by eliminating liner waste, thereby minimizing environmental impact.

In essence, BlueCrest's Raptor solution not only raises the bar in terms of speed and intelligence but also addresses the broader industry goals of operational optimization, sustainability, and adaptability. Its transformative capabilities make it a standout choice for businesses seeking to enhance their parcel and postal operations with a state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious label application solution.

Innovation Statement

BlueCrest's Raptor Adaptive-Labeler redefines parcel and postal operations with unparalleled speed, intelligence, and sustainability, featuring flexible configurations, 80% greater efficiency, on-demand variable length labels, and a modular design for minimized environmental impact.


Within parcel and e-commerce operations, the demand for real-time printing and application within in-line automation is met through an intelligent labeler that adeptly places labels in open clear zones, and facilitates over-labeling for efficient processing, making it an ideal solution for multi-carrier logistics, address rework, and return management.


Posted Date11/28/23
ContactRick Beccera
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