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QuickBin is our patented bin-to-person picking system that redefines order fulfillment. The innovation lies in the mechanism of two robots interacting with storage shelves/racks where the tall C56 picking robot, reaching an impressive 27.2 ft, excels in high-bay storage, efficiently managing the storage, sorting, and picking of goods within aisles. In seamless collaboration, the compact M5 robot enhances efficiency by swiftly transferring items from temporary storage layers of the storage racks to designated workstations, ensuring a streamlined and space-optimized picking process.
The intelligent warehousing software, WES+RCS, ensures a smooth flow of traffic, efficient inventory management, and optimal storage utilization through a data-driven approach. This integrated system goes beyond traditional processes, handling SKUs efficiently, and setting a new standard for advanced and efficient order fulfillment.

Innovation Statement

The innovation lies in the mechanism of two types of robots interacting seamlessly with storage shelves/racks, orchestrated, and controlled by advanced warehousing software (WES+ RCS). C56 retrieves bins and places them on the temporary storage layer. From there the M5 bots pick the bin and transfer it to workstations, expediting goods-to-person operations, significantly enhancing order fulfillment efficiency.


QuickBin stands as a revolutionary technology, streamlining picking operations within warehouses and fulfillment centers. Addressing challenges related to storage, throughput, labor shortages, and more, it proves to be a transformative solution for a diverse array of industries including retail, e-commerce, and third-party logistics (3PL) etc.


Posted Date11/27/23
ContactSuni Sun
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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