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Summary of Innovation

The Vacuum Gripper Picking Robot is a groundbreaking robotic solution designed for efficient bin-to-person picking in warehouse settings. Equipped with a suction cup-type fork arm module, the robot excels in picking, sorting, and retrieving bins from racks, optimizing order fulfillment processes. Its unique double mast design enables it to reach an impressive height of 27.2 ft, while the double-deep configuration of the picking arm enhances reach, maximizing space utilization within aisles. This innovation eliminates the need for excessive storage space, allowing for denser and more organized storage of boxes.

Innovation Statement

This robotic system introduces a paradigm shift in warehouse automation by combining a suction cup-type fork arm module with a double mast and double-deep design. The innovation lies in its ability to efficiently pick, sort, and retrieve bins in a bin-to-person picking scenario, significantly enhancing order fulfillment speed. By eliminating the requirement for expansive storage space and offering a heightened reach of 27.2 ft, the Vacuum Gripper Picking Robot redefines warehouse logistics, providing denser storage solutions and improved space utilization.


This innovation significantly transforms warehouse operations by enabling attendees to achieve substantial cost savings and operational efficiency through measures such as purchasing 20% fewer racks, 9% fewer robots with a threefold increase in efficiency, a 27% reduction in warehouse rent while accommodating 37% more goods, utilizing 30% fewer picking workers for box changes, optimizing the use of plastic bins based on overall storage ratios, and maximizing the 10m clearance height of the warehouse.


Posted Date11/16/23
ContactSuni Sun
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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