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QuickBin™ is our patented bin-to-person picking solution and stands at the forefront of innovation optimizing warehouse operations and order fulfillment processes. Using robots for strategic storage and seamless transportation of bins to workstations/operators, QuickBin™ boosts productivity, reduces errors, and optimizes warehouse space. With advanced tracking and identification technologies, real-time inventory updates, and seamless integration with warehouse management systems, QuickBin™ provides enhanced visibility and control. It eliminates travel time and offers phenomenal order processing speed, making it an ideal solution for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities aiming to optimize their order fulfillment processes.
The utilization of two types of robots allows optimized storage and smooth transfer of goods between the storage area and workstations, resulting in faster and more efficient workflows. Picking Robots (C56) navigate the aisles dynamically storing, retrieving, and picking goods within the storage area, while Mini Moving robots (M5) ensure the smooth movement of goods to and from the picking stations.

Innovation Statement

It's a revolutionary bin to person technology in which two distinct types of robots for efiicient goods to person solution.Tall Picking Robots optimize storage while Mini Moving Robots transfer goods from storage to workstation eliminating travel time and boosting picking efiiency. The suction mechanism used in the tall Picking robots further enhanced the storage density. The work distribution between these two robots maximzing efficiency. All this movement is controled by our software system that use AI algorithm and data analytics to manage the inventory and smooth operations.


It optimzes the storage maximizing vertical storage utilization, the collaboratio of two types of robots make the fulfillment oprations 4X faster than manual picking. It solves the order fulfillment challenges for warehouses dealing with storage probems, labor shortages, rising costs, inefficiencies and timely delivery issues.


Posted Date11/15/23
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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