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Summary of Innovation

EasyReach delivers significant enhancements in both ergonomics and productivity for fluid loading and unloading processes. This innovative retrofit is powered by the existing telescopic conveyor and doesn't require a separate drive system. As a result, it can be effortlessly detached and attached to different telescopic conveyors. The dual operator controls make it possible to operate the equipment from either side of the platform.

Innovation Statement

EasyReach features an exceptional mechanical drive system that controls the platform's elevation without relying on hydraulics or pneumatics, which are both difficult to install and difficult to maintain. The design facilitates rapid and straightforward attachment and detachment, allowing for seamless transitions between FMH telescopic conveyors.


EasyReach was created with the intention of raising operators to different elevations, facilitating ergonomics, while significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs.


Posted Date11/06/23
ContactChris Thompson
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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