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1) “I Just Can’t Hire People” - The New Economics of Distribution Centers
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater D Sponsor DMW&H

The pandemic sent retail distribution into a new universe that we are unlikely to return from. At the same time, the pandemic allowed distribution employees and temporary workers to reevaluating their expectations of employment. This session will look at the traditional labor model and challenge it. ...

2) DC Optimization: Automation or Workforce? Why not both?
Starts 12:30 PM Ends 1:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater H Sponsor Miebach Consulting Inc.

With the current labor shortages, companies are looking for ways to increase productivity, or just get back to pre-COVID levels and maintain them. The knee jerk reaction would be to introduce automation for certain areas, but that may not be the best solution, and often comes with a high price tag. Optimization ...

3) Take Action : How to right size up in this upside down labor crisis
Starts 11:15 AM Ends 12:00 PM Date Wednesday, March 30
Location Theater E Sponsor Packsize International LLC

The labor crisis isn’t going away, and warehouses are getting hit the hardest. It’s time to try something new. Find out how businesses like Goodwill used automation to reallocate and level up their workforce, increasing job satisfaction and overall efficiency.

4) Preparing for the Next Generation Workforce
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Thursday, March 31
Location Theater I Sponsor Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions

The labor shortage isn’t a new issue for supply chain operations, but the effort to attract and retain, both leadership and hourly positions has become increasingly challenging since the pandemic. This session aims to address the workforce challenges holistically and focus on how to process digitization, ...