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1) Future Proof Your Supply Chain
Starts 1:00 PM Ends 1:45 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater J Sponsor Manhattan Associates, Inc.

Is your warehouse future-proof? Is it agile, scalable and adaptable? It can be. Join Manhattan Associates’ Adam Kline to discover how cloud-native systems empower organizations to profitably deliver in today’s modern warehouse and keep up with constantly changing demands.

2) The Now of Packaging
Starts 1:00 PM Ends 1:45 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater J Sponsor Packsize International LLC

E-commerce is the new normal, and consumers are demanding a better delivery experience. The customer experience has officially extended well beyond the stores and into peoples’ homes. And, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint in relation to their online shopping ...

3) Hidden benefits, recent innovations, and best practices with industrial lighting and indication
Starts 1:00 PM Ends 1:45 PM Date Thursday, March 31
Location Theater J Sponsor Banner Engineering Corporation

Advanced LED technology allows users an unprecedented level of personalized utility in unique form factors and capability sets. Industrial lighting plays an important role in operator ergonomics, system productivity, and the quality of work being completed. Selecting and designing proper industrial lighting ...