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1) Optimizing In-Store and Warehouse Operations for E-Commerce with Reusable Packaging
Starts 1:30 PM Ends 2:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location DC Velocity’s Transportation & Logistics Theater Sponsor ORBIS Corporation

The consumer e-commerce trend has dramatically exploded over the past year. The trend has caused major challenges for retailers trying to meet consumer demand and transformed store and warehouse operations. As retailers race to develop new processes and systems for e-commerce, they are confronted with ...

2) Drive Automated System Uptime with Reusable Totes
Starts 2:15 PM Ends 3:00 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater B Sponsor ORBIS Corporation

Supply chain disruptions have caused many companies add more automation. In the 2020 MHI Annual Industry Report, 73% of respondents plan to add more automation in the next 5 years. As they implement automation, companies are looking at every aspect of their operation to eliminate downtime and drive productivity. ...