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1) Small but Mighty: How to Leverage Technology in Smaller-Scale Spaces
Starts 10:45 AM Ends 11:30 AM Date Monday, March 28
Location Micro-Fulfillment Sponsor AHS, LLC

Amid the pandemic, every aspect of business has moved or accelerated towards a digital structure. The demand of consumers hasn't let up either: faster shipping, next-day delivery, order accuracy, and a faster refund when product is returned. We know there is a growing need to bring the fulfillment center ...

2) See how Monat Global, a top performing global direct selling company, leapt ahead during a pandemic to manage explosive growth
Starts 11:15 AM Ends 12:00 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater B Sponsor Alpine Supply Chain Solutions

When Monat Global experienced 130% YoY growth, they required a Strategic Master Plan to develop a plan to support the next 5 years. They selected Alpine Supply Chain to perform a Storage Type Analysis, New Facility Design & Layout, and SAP EWM installation. They also selected Conveyor Solutions Inc. ...

3) Deciding Whether Micro Fulfillment or Urban Distribution Centers are Best for Your Operations
Starts 11:30 AM Ends 12:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater A Sponsor Schaefer Systems International, Inc.

There’s a lot of excitement around micro fulfilment centers being the answer to e-commerce volume, but are these backroom fulfillment solutions meeting expectations? SSI SCHAEFER takes a serious technical deep dive into the world of micro fulfillment (MFC) for both grocery and retail chains to establish ...

4) Finding the Right Balance in your Warehouse Automation Journey
Starts 11:30 AM Ends 12:15 PM Date Monday, March 28

Addverb Technologies is excited to talk about evaluating and implementing the right mix of "Fixed" & " Flexible" Warehouse Automation for your warehouse operations. Fixed/Conventional automation have ruled the space over the years for a reason while the dawn of AMR and Flexible/Agile Automation is also ...

5) The Smart Warehouse of the Future - that’s here TODAY.
Starts 12:30 PM Ends 1:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater A Sponsor Softeon

Traditional Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are efficient – but are they “smart?” We have entered a new era in WMS, in which a combination of technologies – including Warehouse Execution Systems, sensors, mobile robots, AI, and machine learning – are delivering a step-change in warehouse system ...

6) Future Proof Your Supply Chain
Starts 1:00 PM Ends 1:45 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater J Sponsor Manhattan Associates, Inc.

Is your warehouse future-proof? It can be. Discover how cloud-native systems empower organizations to profitably deliver in today’s modern warehouse and keep up with constantly changing demands. Powerful things happen when you free your applications from static, legacy data centers – join to learn how ...

7) The Next Best Decision: How to Achieve a More Agile and Efficient Warehouse Operation With AI-Driven Software
Starts 1:30 PM Ends 2:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater I Sponsor LogistiVIEW

Agility within the Supply Chain Industry is a hot topic right now. The desire to be able to quickly respond to market changes, supply chain constraints and increased customer expectations are putting pressures on Distribution Networks across the globe. Although the details can become complex, the ability ...

8) Secrets from an IT Ops Insider: How transforming your support model will improve employee experience and productivity
Starts 2:15 PM Ends 3:00 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater B Sponsor Barcoding Inc.

Before she was Barcoding's VP of Client Solutions, Keri Corbin was holding leadership positions for companies like DHL Supply Chain, Cardinal Health, and Nationwide Insurance in Information Systems - specially around program, service, and portfolio management. Coming from an operations background into ...

9) New Fulfillment Models for Omni-Flexible Consumers
Starts 3:30 PM Ends 4:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater A Sponsor KNAPP

The pandemic created a technology tipping point of historic proportions. Remaining competitive in this consumer- empowered era means getting in the race to be Omni-exceptional. New fulfillment models are helping retailers create new levels of convenience, immediacy and trust for their customers and new ...

10) Digitalization Defined
Starts 3:30 PM Ends 4:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater J Sponsor Siemens Industry, Inc.

This seminar defines the “digital twin” and “digital thread,” detailing how through advances in networking and automation, they significantly and measurably improve process efficiencies, quality, agility, and throughput. Industry 4.0 is based on the following core principles: • Pervasive networking ...

11) Unify Your Supply Chain with Manhattan Active® Supply Chain
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location DC Velocity’s Transportation & Logistics Theater Sponsor Manhattan Associates, Inc.

Modern demands on supply chain organizations have exceeded the ability of traditional, portfolio-based supply chain solutions, which create artificial boundaries between distribution and transportation capabilities and limit productivity and adaptability. With the introduction of Manhattan Active® Transportation ...

12) How to Achieve an ROI with Robotic Solutions
Starts 11:15 AM Ends 12:00 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater B Sponsor AHS, LLC

When will your investment pay you back? This is the biggest question we hear when reviewing technology and robotics. While the strategy will mitigate labor shortages, improve order accuracy, and drive productivity, the question remains of how much? And how soon? ROI models aren't new, they continue ...

13) Orchestrating Fulfillment Success with DOM and WES
Starts 11:15 AM Ends 12:00 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater G Sponsor Softeon

Today, order fulfillment success requires precise orchestration of each and every order. You need powerful tools to define and execute business and fulfillment rules, both at the network-level and at each fulfillment node. The result: an enhanced customer experience, lower fulfillment costs, increased ...

14) Autonomous Mobile Robots
Starts 11:30 AM Ends 12:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater I Sponsor Tennant Company

As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic and starts to return to a sense of normalcy, some learnings will continue.?An example of that is employee’s desire to have an increased level of cleanliness in the workplace.?Doorhandles, faucets, and other high-touch surfaces will continue to require a ...

15) Robotic Automated Local Fulfillment for Last Mile
Starts 2:45 PM Ends 3:30 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Micro-Fulfillment Sponsor Tompkins Robotics

In today's ever-changing environment, there are many challenges for local fulfillment. Labor, space, efficiency, costs, and speed are all issues that confront providers while they try to meet consumer demands and the dynamics of the market place. Traditional manual based solutions fall far short of meeting ...