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1) Small but Mighty: How to leverage Technology in Smaller Spaces
Starts 10:45 AM Ends 11:30 AM Date Monday, March 28
Location Micro-Fulfillment Sponsor AHS

Amid the pandemic, every aspect of business has moved or accelerated towards a digital structure. The demand of consumers hasn't let up either: faster shipping, next-day delivery, order accuracy, and a faster refund when product is returned. We know there is a growing need to bring the fulfillment center ...

2) Adaptations Abound: How COVID Has Re-Shaped Supply Chains
Starts 11:30 AM Ends 12:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater I Sponsor American Logistics Aid Network

The past two years have disrupted supply chains – causing rapid demand swings, labor and material shortages, and public scrutiny. Businesses have responded with strategic and tactical solutions from automation to adjusted inventory management plans. Join this panel of operations and risk management experts ...

3) A leap forward in functionality and safety for manufacturing and distribution operations
Starts 1:30 PM Ends 2:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater D Sponsor Elettric80 Inc.

Today, automated guided vehicles, laser-guided vehicles, and self-driven forklifts represent the most flexible, reliable, and advanced technology to integrate all the supply chain operations. Since AGVs and LGVs are constantly in motion, operating unmanned over large areas in manufacturing and distribution, ...

4) Ramping up your ROI with Robotic Solutions
Starts 11:15 AM Ends 12:00 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater B Sponsor AHS

When will your investment pay you back? This is the biggest question we hear when reviewing technology and robotics. While the strategy will mitigate labor shortages, improve order accuracy, and drive productivity, the question remains of how much? And how soon? ROI models aren't new, they continue ...

5) Digitization of Transportation and Logistics in the New Customer-Centric World
Starts 11:30 AM Ends 12:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location DC Velocity’s Transportation & Logistics Theater Sponsor Blue Yonder

Transportation and Logistics have been hot boardroom topics, as manufacturers, retailers, and 3PLs are looking to innovate and improve competitiveness. For example, the order volume surge due to e-commerce and customer-centricity are driving up complexities and costs throughout the distribution network. ...

6) Is Micro-Fulfillment Right for Me?
Starts 11:45 AM Ends 12:30 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater J Sponsor KPI

Today’s customers expect rapid order processing and fast delivery, requiring warehouse professionals to efficiently fulfill products as close to the end consumer as possible. There are several automated solutions that can enable this, including technologies for micro-fulfillment: one of the most talked ...

7) 3PL Landscape & Selection Strategies
Starts 12:45 PM Ends 1:30 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater E Sponsor St. Onge Company

Session will provide information on that state of the 3PL industry, how to select an appropriate 3PL partner; as well as how to convince prospects you would be an appropriate 3PL partner.

8) How to balance innovation, optimization and managed operational risk in existing facilities
Starts 2:30 PM Ends 3:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater A Sponsor SVT Robotics

Everyone’s expectations of the supply chain is evolving, but the entire network has been built over years of previous requirements and technology. Now technology is rapidly advancing and in many cases faster than the supply chain network can adapt due to limited resources for deployment and focus. With ...

9) Automation Integration & Facility Construction - Designing from the Inside Out
Starts 11:15 AM Ends 12:00 PM Date Wednesday, March 30
Location Theater I Sponsor O'Neal Inc.

Are you considering integrating a new automated system into your network? Approaching facility construction, infrastructure upgrades, and automation integration can be a daunting task. The coordination required and the complexity of highly automated projects can lead to costly errors and schedule delays ...

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