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1) Does wireless autocharge offer safe and reliable power supply for mobile robots?
Starts 10:45 AM Ends 11:30 AM Date Wednesday, March 30
Location Micro-Fulfillment Sponsor Wiferion GmbH

Wireless chargers without contacts are revolutionizing the way energy is transferred to AGVs, mobile robots and industrial e-vehicles. By enabling "opportunity charging", the fast charging process of the batteries can take place during regular operation and process-related breaks. Vehicle down times ...

2) China global dominance in batteries: how does it affect the US MHI?
Starts 11:15 AM Ends 12:00 PM Date Wednesday, March 30
Location Theater B Sponsor OneCharge Inc.

In early 2019 the global lithium cell manufacturing capacity was estimated at 316 gigawatt-hours (GWh). China is home to 73% of this capacity, followed by the U.S., far behind in second place with 12% of global capacity. The gap has not changed much by 2022. Global capacity is projected to grow robustly ...

3) Trusted and Accurate Sensing is Where the Rubber Meets the Factory Floor in Automation
Starts 11:45 AM Ends 12:30 PM Date Wednesday, March 30
Location Theater J Sponsor Analog Devices

For robots and machines to take over more and more human tasks they first need to perceive the world around them as seamlessly as humans do. They must have vision systems allowing them to discern obstacles, objects, and spaces under variable circumstances like light, temperature, and topology. Time-of-Flight ...

4) Fireside Chat with AMR Users: Lessons Learned in Business Critical Installations
Starts 12:00 PM Ends 12:45 PM Date Wednesday, March 30
Location Theater F Sponsor OTTO Motors

Join OTTO Motors’ CEO, Matthew Rendall, for a deep dive into their customer deployments. Matt will be joined by leaders from The Hershey Company, Berry Global, and Honeywell who will discuss the following topics: - Their primary business reasons for selecting autonomous mobile robots - How their automation ...