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1) The Smart Warehouse of the Future - that’s here TODAY.
Starts 12:30 PM Ends 1:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater A Sponsor Softeon

Traditional Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are efficient – but are they “smart?” We have entered a new era in WMS, in which a combination of technologies – including Warehouse Execution Systems, sensors, mobile robots, AI, and machine learning – are delivering a step-change in warehouse system ...

2) MHI- Solutions Community - Latest & Greatest Advances @ MODEX 22
Starts 12:30 PM Ends 1:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater I Sponsor MHI

See MODEX's latest and greatest advances presented to you in a short 25 minutes. This will allow you to stay laser focused on your objectives and reasons for attending Modex, and to see the new products and services you might have not have known were available. We will be reviewing the what, why and ...

3) Automated Robotics Helps Liberty Hardware Exceed SLAs and Grows Alongside Business
Starts 1:30 PM Ends 2:15 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater A Sponsor 6 River Systems

Liberty Hardware, a hardware fulfillment center, came to 6 River Systems (6RS) seeking a solution to keep up with their exponential growth due to brick and mortar sellers needing direct fulfillment in addition to wholesale orders and individual shoppers. 6RS deployed 16 Chucks in Liberty’s warehouse ...

4) Optimize Your ERP Software for Streamlined Operations and Improved Profits
Starts 1:45 PM Ends 2:30 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Micro-Fulfillment Sponsor Acumatica

Learn how to identify and fix common ERP issues that affect inventory accuracy, costing and pricing, purchasing and material planning, resource scheduling, and customer satisfaction. Most operational leaders spend months or years selecting the best ERP application for their distribution or manufacturing ...

5) The Fulfillment Center Engine: Less-Touch Logistics and Flexibility of the Future
Starts 3:45 PM Ends 4:30 PM Date Monday, March 28
Location Theater B Sponsor BEUMER Corporation

You are the right person in this seminar if you: - have challenges picking, sorting and packing the huge amount of Ecom orders that you experienced over the last few years. - are struggling with the returns that are coming with the above mentioned Ecom orders. - already heard about pouch sorters ...

6) Distribution Tools and Techniques to Adapt to an E-commerce World
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater F Sponsor Tecsys

The pandemic-induced e-commerce boom has accelerated the rate of change in buying behaviors, and that change has reverberated throughout the supply chain, placing a new series of demands on distribution operations. This session will address this period of flux by providing actionable takeaways that explore ...

7) Is automation always the right answer?
Starts 10:45 AM Ends 11:30 AM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Micro-Fulfillment Sponsor Exotec

What You Will Learn Labor shortages. Inventory delays. Limited warehouse vacancy. COVID-19-driven challenges thrusted logistics into the spotlight, and the warehouse emerged as the event horizon at the center of global commerce and public health. In parallel, a 2020 survey from McKinsey found that ...

8) Orchestrating Fulfillment Success with DOM and WES
Starts 11:15 AM Ends 12:00 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater G Sponsor Softeon

Today, order fulfillment success requires precise orchestration of each and every order. You need powerful tools to define and execute business and fulfillment rules, both at the network-level and at each fulfillment node. The result: an enhanced customer experience, lower fulfillment costs, increased ...

9) Digitization of Transportation and Logistics in the New Customer-Centric World
Starts 11:30 AM Ends 12:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location DC Velocity’s Transportation & Logistics Theater Sponsor Blue Yonder

Transportation and Logistics have been hot boardroom topics, as manufacturers, retailers, and 3PLs are looking to innovate and improve competitiveness. For example, the order volume surge due to e-commerce and customer-centricity are driving up complexities and costs throughout the distribution network. ...

10) MHI’s SLAM (Scan, Label, Apply, Manifest) Industry Group Presents - Best Practices in the Last 100 Feet of Fulfillment
Starts 12:30 PM Ends 1:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater I Sponsor MHI

MHI's newest Industry Group is called SLAM (Scan, Label, Apply, Manifest). Often the last steps in the fulfillment process can make or break your operations. Members of SLAM will present lessons learned and best practices when implementing the technologies and solutions that take your orders from the ...

11) MHI-CSS (Conveyor & Sortation Systems) - The Future of Conveyors & Sortation with the Adoption of AMR’s
Starts 1:30 PM Ends 2:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater I Sponsor MHI

As material handling continues to move towards autonomous robots and vehicles, there is still a need to interface these solutions with conveyor systems. Automated and autonomous vehicles are capable of being mobile conveyors to bridge the gap between fixed infrastructure and the flexible needs of the ...

12) Robotic Pick, Pack, and Sort Systems at Fortune 50 Retailers Fill the Labor Gap
Starts 2:15 PM Ends 3:00 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Theater J Sponsor Berkshire Grey

Real robotic systems are in use today, helping enterprise organizations solve labor challenges and increase throughput. From eCommerce fulfillment to on-demand grocery orders to store replenishment and package sortation – intelligent, modular, scalable robotic systems deliver value at Fortune 50 retailers. ...

13) Online Meets Instore: Software-Driven Shopping
Starts 3:45 PM Ends 4:30 PM Date Tuesday, March 29
Location Micro-Fulfillment Sponsor KNAPP

No more searching for the right size and color. No more out-of-stocks. No more waiting in long lines to pay. No more limits about how, when and where to shop. This is the kind of immersive, immediate and impressive shopping experience consumers desire. See real-world examples where retailers are resetting ...

14) Simplify your Supply Chain operations with voice-directed picking and robotics, without spending big bucks on a WMS upgrade
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Wednesday, March 30
Location Theater F Sponsor Almasons

Adding new productivity-boosting technology like robots is appealing these days as productivity demands and labor challenges abound. But that new tech often requires a lengthy and costly WMS or ERP upgrade, especially if your systems have been tailored to your unique operations. Almasons makes adding ...

15) The Next Generation – The Future of Sortation Technology and Data Analytics
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Wednesday, March 30
Location Theater J Sponsor BEUMER Corporation

Next generation sortation technologies and artificial intelligence unlock competitive advantages. This session discusses the ground-breaking developments in the latest line sortation technology by providing an understanding of the applications, solutions and options for integration through meaningful ...

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