Freight Audit & Payment: How Comprehensive Spend Management Solutions Can Ensure Profitability and Efficiency

DateWednesday, March 30, 2022
Time10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
LocationDC Velocity’s Transportation & Logistics Theater

What You Will Learn

In today’s market, carriers have all of the leverage and are pushing rate increases, peak surcharges and capacity limitations on shippers of all sizes. However, a well-executed freight audit and payment (FAP) process will give shippers more control over the freight payables process, improve visibility to expenses and provide insights for significant transportation savings. Join enVista to understand how to successfully navigate the selection process and ensure that your key product, functional, technical and resource requirements are documented.

Key Takeaways

In this session, you will find answers to questions like:
· Why freight audit & payment is critical to controlling transportation spend
· How to leverage freight audit & payment data to gain actionable insights
· What to ask freight audit & payment providers during the RFP process


Deanna Kaufman enVista
Michael Falls enVista

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