Using Artificial Intelligence to Avoid Safety Violations by MHE

DateThursday, March 31, 2022
Time11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
LocationTheater B

What You Will Learn

The constant drive for safety in Manufacturing plants, Distribution Centers and Warehouses is relentless. The challenges that these facilities face on a daily basis to improve safety and maintain productivity require a delicate balance as consumers place greater value on ecommerce with rapid delivery. This is further complicated by the need to have material handling equipment (MHE) like fork-trucks and tuggers moving throughout areas where people work. Combining heavy, fast-moving equipment and people in confined spaces can be a recipe for disaster.
Relying on technology alone is fraught with concerns in our semi-automated world. Making technology work with and for the personnel involved is implementing technologies that help employees (i.e. fork-truck/tugger operators and pedestrians) make better, informed and timely decisions.
Avoiding an incident is key. Being proactive, not reactive, is a fundamental challenge that we all face in today’s fast-paced world. PowerFleet will discuss how combining pedestrian alerting systems with material handling equipment management systems significantly increases safety and can drastically reduce the likelihood of incidents.
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) camera-based technology to ‘see’ people and MHE equipment, determine that a safety violation is possible before it happens, alert the MHE operator(s) so that they can take action to avoid the incident provides a significant benefit to everyone.
Learn how AI based cameras and vehicle management system (VMS) are helping improve safety in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution today.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways :
- How Artificial Intelligence helps MHE drivers avoid safety incidents
- Management tools for coaching drivers with near misses
- Keys to picking a reliable AI video solution


Scott Walker Powerfleet
Roger Tenney Powerfleet
Mark Stanton Powerfleet

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