Achieving Customer Satisfaction in the New Normal of E-Commerce

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DateTuesday, March 29, 2022
Time12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
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What You Will Learn

E-commerce growth trends are radically changing the landscape of the packing and shipping areas of a Business to Consumer distribution center. It is important to focus on the entire process to fully understand how to meet the ultimate objective which is to satisfy customer expectations. The fundamental basis of customer satisfaction is for on-time delivery of correctly assembled ordered shipments. Since this is a process, this section will focus on how to maximize and control the process rather than focusing only on the efficiency of a specific machine or operation. The goal is to be effective, not just efficient.

The first step is to focus on the final touchpoint in the process prior to turning it over for shipment to the customer. A clear definition of the end process, and capacity is absolutely required before a clear customer focused process can be developed. Focusing on one aspect of the process can lead to an efficient operation. However, focusing solely on efficiency gains will be a waste of money and resources if the operation is out of sync with the overall process flow.

The customer experience is clearly enhanced by understanding how the process meets the needs of the customer as well as the overall goals of the distribution center. It is important to know if the objective is to simply complete orders on time, or if there are other customer considerations to factor into the process. Ease of return and order personalization are increasingly being used to add value for the customer while enhancing the overall buying experience. Customer personalization can also represent a value-added service for the operation, and an opportunity for a new revenue stream for the organization as a whole. If order personalization/customizations are required then concepts of print feeding, print-on-demand and even full color print-on-demand solutions need to be considered.

The definition of the packing area needs to be defined showing the function, and how it relates to the process:

Transaction Metrics:
Automatic Order Start Process
Print & Apply Labeling Solutions
Automatic and Random Automatic Carton Erectors
Variable Length Poly-Bagging Systems
Void-Fill and Dunnage Insertion
Carton Right-Sizing to Save on Courier Costs
Weighing, Dimensioning and Order Verification Systems
Order Personalization & Customization
Print-on-Demand Solutions; Black/White and Color
Software for On-Demand Printing
Automated Packing Slip Systems
Automated Insertion of Collateral / Marketing Materials
Pick & Put Walls
Conveyor Sortation Systems
Environmental Considerations and Costs
FTE Optimization thru Efficiency and Throughput improvements

Key Takeaways

Understanding Global E-Commerce Trends
Order Fulfillment Optimization
Strategies to Enhance the Customer Experience
How to Convert the Pack Station into a Profit Center


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John Pollock PSI Engineering
Andy Revels PSI Engineering

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