Labeling is Boring (until you get a $1,000,000 fine)! Protect your business & modernize operations with powerful, centralized Cloud labeling solutions

DateWednesday, March 30, 2022
Time3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
LocationTheater D

What You Will Learn

Who doesn’t love a good horror story? Join Inovity during this fast-paced session that will haunt you with 14 tales of real-life customer labeling challenges, pains and non-compliance fines—and how they overcame them with modern cloud labeling solutions. Stop suffering with decades-old labeling processes and discover how leveraging a purpose-built Cloud labeling system can increase functionality and deliver complete label management and centralized control. And no more fines!

Today’s extended organizations need immediate and accurate label printing—often from many manufacturing and distribution locations—yet labeling operations are frequently an afterthought. But when an employee accidentally prints an old label template for a product, selects the wrong warning icons for a compliance label, or completely mislabels an item or a shipment, you could be faced with a nightmare of extensive fines—or even being fired as a supplier to your customer. At this point, labeling often becomes extremely important, far too late.

Although companies of all sizes are shifting back-end business operations to the Cloud—including ERP, WMS, MRP, CRM, PLM and more—their labeling operations can still lag behind. Attend this informative session to hear case studies detailing how actual customers in industrial manufacturing, distribution, retail, food manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical and healthcare overcame real-life labeling horror stories with cloud labeling solutions. Discover how these modern, cloud-based labeling systems can increase functionality, improve security, and meet compliance requirements for your operation as well, all while reducing your on-premises software footprint and relieving some of the burdens on today’s strained IT resources.

Key Takeaways

• Learn how a centralized cloud-based labeling solution can provide powerful, advanced functionality over local labeling software, while still being easy to implement
• Discover how to extend your labeling operation to any remote location—across the street or across the country—without adding heavy on-prem software or servers
• Guarantee label accuracy and prevent mislabeling by integrating cloud-based business systems with current production data and cloud-based label printing
• Avoid downtime, errors and fines in regulated environments by controlling compliance label formats and simplifying validation
• Learn how other companies have lowered their overall IT footprint by reducing dependence on local IT resources and on-site software


George Allen Inovity

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