The Next Best Decision: How to Achieve a More Agile and Efficient Warehouse Operation With AI-Driven Software

DateMonday, March 28, 2022
Time1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
LocationTheater I

What You Will Learn

Agility within the Supply Chain Industry is a hot topic right now. The desire to be able to quickly respond to market changes, supply chain constraints and increased customer expectations are putting pressures on Distribution Networks across the globe. Although the details can become complex, the ability to drive agility directly within operations is possible. The solution is leveraging software that is more flexible and focused on making decisions in real-time. The mindset of plan and then execute within order fulfillment is becoming a thing of the past. By focusing on three core concepts of operational execution including Order Orchestration, Flow Control and Flexible Work Execution as well as leveraging software that can assess current state and take in more data points, you are able to build an execution framework that can more quickly react to variability and changes and make the “next best decision”.

Key Takeaways

• AI driven software = distribution agility
• Replace human planning and orchestration
• Achieve gains and increases in overall throughput


Seth Patin LogistiVIEW

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