Lithium-ion Battery - Real World Considerations

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DateMonday, March 28, 2022
Time2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
LocationTheater E

What You Will Learn

Today, Li-ion batteries are perhaps best known for their use in a variety of portable electronic devices and cars, but these modern energy sources are also increasingly being specified in materials handling equipment. That leaves many materials handling professionals with questions: what are the differences and when do you choose what? The most obvious difference is that they are much more compact and energy-dense than traditional lead-acid batteries. There are also a wide variety of chemistries and construction methods. Lithium-ion batteries offer several benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced maintenance, and a boosted cost savings and one of the biggest benefits is their enhanced safety features. How do you select the right lithium-ion technology to optimize your operation and capital spending?

This presentation will compare options and design considerations around the major elements that make up an industrial lithium-ion battery:
• Cell chemistry and construction - directly affects safety, price per kilowatt hour, modularity across equipment platforms, serviceability, and assembly complexity.
• Battery thermal management - highly correlated to battery useful life and safety.
• Passive vs active cell balancing techniques – effects on opportunity charging and battery life.
• High vibration and shock loads in industrial mobile applications - drives differences in the general construction and packaging of the battery cells and electronics relative to automotive applications.
• Lithium-ion charging capability and infrastructure – effects on operational paradigms

Key Takeaways

1. Features and benefits of various lithium-ion technologies.
2. Addressing real world performance issues with lithium-ion batteries in material handling equipment applications through robust technology implementation.


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