SmartDect®, a leap forward in safety for manufacturing and distribution operations thanks to UWB technology

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DateMonday, March 28, 2022
Time1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
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What You Will Learn

Today, automated guided vehicles, laser-guided vehicles, and self-driven forklifts represent the most flexible, reliable, and advanced technology to integrate all the supply chain operations. Since AGVs and LGVs are constantly in motion, operating unmanned over large areas in manufacturing and distribution, safe operation of these systems is a critical priority.

To this end, E80 Group has continually upgraded its solutions with the latest positioning, protective, and control technology exceeding that of established international standards.
E80 has now advanced its AGV/LGV safety initiatives even further with the adoption of SmartDect® ultra-wideband (UWB) technology – a short-range RF technology for wireless communication that can detect the location of people, assets (AGVs/LGVs), and objects with unrivaled precision.

UWB technology uses billions of pulses of radio signals sent every couple of nanoseconds as a pattern across a wide frequency spectrum.
The receiving device onboard the AGV/LGV analyzes the incoming pattern and translates it into data used to accurately sense the location of people, objects, and other AGVs and LGVs in operation.

UWB-enabled AGVs and LGVs guarantee the safest operation and significantly improve performance because it minimizes risks, collisions, and stops during operations. This is particularly relevant, especially in mixed traffic, where people or manual forklifts operate in the same environment where the AGVs/LGVs move. It better prevents dangerous situations from occurring by identifying potential dangers of impact up to a distance of 15 meters – even behind objects.

SmartDect® is not classified as Safety Rated, so it must always be used in combination with other certified safety devices already operating on AGVs and LGVs.
It represents another step forward to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability of AGVs/LGVs operating in manufacturing and distribution operations.

Key Takeaways

• SmartDect® - the latest Ultra-Wideband Technology to Enhance AGV/LGV Fleet Safety
in Manufacturing and Distribution operations
• Key factors behind a successful and safe automation project


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Andrea Pongolini E80 Inc.

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