“I Just Can’t Hire People” - The New Economics of Distribution Centers

DateMonday, March 28, 2022
Time10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
LocationTheater D

What You Will Learn

The pandemic sent retail distribution into a new universe that we are unlikely to return from. At the same time, the pandemic allowed distribution employees and temporary workers to reevaluating their expectations of employment. This session will look at the traditional labor model and challenge it. Find out why distribution centers can’t hire labor to meet the demand of today’s clients' orders and how a new model distribution labor is needed.

Key Takeaways

• Don’t to get into the twenty-five cents per hour more game. No one wins!
• See how major retailers are retaining employees with new economics.


Chris Castaldi DMW&H

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Seminar sponsored by DMW&H.

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