Intelligent Robotics for the Modern Warehouse

SponsorMujin, Corp.
DateTuesday, March 29, 2022
Time12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
LocationEmerging Technologies Theater

What You Will Learn

Logistics facilities have a need for more intelligent robotic systems, which are value-adding, production-ready, and reduce the cost of the overall material handling solution. The next generation of robots should be capable of perception, awareness, and autonomous decision-making, which will allow companies to deploy more robotic systems into production and into new, more advanced applications. Intelligent robotics should be quicker and easier to deploy and have minimal unplanned downtime without sacrificing efficiency or flexibility. All of this is now possible with a new approach to robotics called “Machine Intelligence.”
Machine Intelligence is a deterministic form of intelligence technology where the machine understands everything about its physical environment through modeling. When we combine the power of modeling the physics behind every interaction, perceiving the real-world through advanced sensor hardware, and state-of-the-art motion planning technology, we achieve a system that can make decisions on-the-fly, self-recover, and operate with full autonomy at a production-level throughput and efficiency. Join this seminar to learn how robotics is the future for your logistics operation.

Key Takeaways

Why intelligent robotics have become essential to the modern warehouse
What new technologies are empowering the next generation of intelligent robotics


Ross Diankov Mujin Corp.

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