How to Develop a Strategic Plan for Transitioning to Emerging Technology

SponsorInvata Intralogistics
DateTuesday, March 29, 2022
Time10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
LocationEmerging Technologies Theater

What You Will Learn

Look around at MODEX and you’ll see robotic solutions at every turn. But how do you know which, if any of them, is right for your business? Is an AMR supported goods-to-person solution the one? Or is an automated put wall what you need? And what about software? How and where do you begin the process of incorporating robotics into your operation? In this seminar, we’ll show you the process some of the world’s leading companies have used for incorporating automation into their fulfillment and returns operations. And in the process, we’ll provide you with a strategic plan for ensuring you get the solution best suited for your unique business. We’ll explore the dangers of getting distracted by shiny objects and walk you through the steps needed to determine and implement the optimal solution for your operation. And we’ll even explore avenues to further enhance system efficiencies through the use of tools like virtual reality training for your workers and continuous improvement. If you’re considering emerging technology, but have been unsure how or where to begin the process, then this is the seminar for you. Please join us!

Key Takeaways

You’ll learn the step-by-step process you can use to ensure you get the emerging technology solution best suited for your unique business.
You’ll get an insider’s perspective on the solutions development process and the critical role data analytics and algorithms play in fulfillment and returns processing.


Ayman Labib Invata
Daniel Mitus Invata

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