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UNICHANNEL FULFILLMENT: The Three Megatrends Impacting the Past, Present and Future of Commerce

Sponsored by Tompkins International

  • Date Monday, March 9, 2020
  • Time 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
  • Location Transportation & Logistics Theater
  • Type Seminar

Presented By

Dr. James Tompkins - Chairman & CEO
Tompkins International


What You Will Learn

UNICHANNEL FULFILLMENT: The Three Megatrends Impacting the Past, Present and Future of Commerce. The Three Megatrends are:

  1. The evolution of organizational development from Continuous Improvement to Transformation to Reinvention.
  2. The increase in complexity of commerce from optimal single channel design to Uni-Channel, Uni-Logistics, Uni-Marketing and Uni-Technology Optionality design.
  3. The speed of change and the level of innovation, entrepreneurship and disruption to keep pace.

The future for commerce is awesome, but it is a whole new ball game. There has never been this level of opportunity for entrepreneurism, innovation and disruption, as there is today. The keys to grabbing this unichannel fulfillment opportunity dealing with Reinvention, the Disruption Cycle and Optionality, while building huge success will be disclosed in this MODEX presentation.

Jim Tompkins is a thought leader, innovator, disrupter and entrepreneur in Supply Chain, Commerce, Strategy and Technology. Jim has a BSIE, MSIE, PhD and DEA all from Purdue University. He is the Chairman and CEO of Tompkins International a global consulting, implementation, solution and services company he started in 1975. In addition to this role, Jim also serves as Chairmen and CEO of MonarchFx, a nationwide ecosystem of best-in-class providers focused on delivering integrated, cost-effective, high service-fulfillment solutions. He is Past President of IISE, IMMS and CIC/MHE. He has received the highest awards in the Industrial Engineering and Material Handling professions: The Frank & Lillian Gilbreth Award and the Reed/Apple Award, respectively. Jim has spoken over 20 times throughout the years at MODEX and is pleased to be back speaking at MODEX 2020.

About Tompkins International
A supply chain consulting and implementation firm that maximizes supply chain performance and value creation. We enable clients to be more profitable and valuable, while also becoming more agile, flexible, and adaptive to the marketplace. Tompkins collaborates with client teams to develop improved operations strategies, supply chain planning, and execution across all the Mega Processes of supply chains (PLAN-BUY-MAKE-MOVE-DISTRIBUTE-SELL). For more information visit: www.tompkinsinc.com.

About Tompkins Fulfillment
Tompkins Fulfillment Services, a business unit of Tompkins International, is an alliance of leading logistics service providers, supply chain technology providers and partners that provides world-class logistics and fulfillment solutions through an innovative logistics ecosystem. It serves retailers, brands and other sellers with multiple fulfillment channels, providing speed, quality and efficiency by operating distributed logistics centers with nationwide coverage, allowing for same-day delivery. It is high-service, facilitated by advanced robotics, analytics and artificial intelligence methods for inventory allocation. For more information about Tompkins Fulfillment visit: www.tompkinsfulfillment.com.


Key Takeaways

• How organizational development has evolved from Continuous Improvement to Transformation to Reinvention.
• Understanding optimal single channel design and its metamorphosis to Uni-Channel, Uni-Logistics, Uni-Marketing and Uni-Technology Optionality design.
• Essential tools encompassing innovation, entrepreneurship and disruption used to stay in the race of constant change.


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