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More Than a Right-sized Box: Automation Trends in Secondary Packaging

Sponsored by Packsize International LLC

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  • Date Tuesday, March 10, 2020
  • Time 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Location Theater I
  • Type Seminar

Presented By

Hanko Kiessner - Founder and CEO
Packsize International LLC


What You Will Learn

Preparing for the sustainable and connected warehouse of the future is top of mind for manufacturing and distribution companies alike, but what does it really mean? For most, it starts with a comprehensive look at the entire packaging process flow, including the end packaging line. Automation claims to be the key solution for labor, speed, and savings but is a fully automated packaging line always the answer? For most, the complexities of a sustainable packaging environment extend further than a machine purchase. Processes need to be linked via software and integrated across various systems and existing assets to create a seamless end-to-end flow. In this session, we will dive into the current options available for those looking to automate part of their end packaging and shipping process and how this affects an overall workflow solution. Whether implementing a fully automated packaging system, a right-sized box erector, or just custom boxes made on-demand, considerations must be made to optimize and increase overall efficiency. Explore real-life scenarios of how each level of automation can impact a warehouse workflow, and lead to significant savings labor, material, and transportation costs.

Key Takeaways

Technologies available now to automate and increase efficiencies in boxing items for shipment.
Pros and cons on the different levels of automation in secondary packaging
Real-life scenarios of warehouses before and after implementing On Demand Packaging® systems.
How optimizing an end packaging process can meet sustainability goals, and increase material and labor savings.
What it really means to “right-size.”.


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