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Driving Business Results in Today's On Demand Economy

Sponsored by Zebra Technologies Corp.

  • Date Monday, March 9, 2020
  • Time 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
  • Location Theater D
  • Type Seminar

Presented By

Tom Bianculli - Chief Technology Officer
Zebra Technologies


What You Will Learn

We live in a world where the line is blurring between the digital and the physical. At our fingertips is the ability to instantly hail car-services, replenish household items, and transfer payments. With merely a few words, we can get the news of our choosing, stream our favorite TV show or turn off the lights. This hyper level of personalization, convenience and information has given rise to a demanding consumer, one who expects what they want, when, where, and how they want it. These rising expectations are fueling the on-demand economy. To win with customers, businesses must innovate – and digital is their best weapon. This on-demand economy continues to push what it means to be “customer-driven,” and to be a part of the conversation, all businesses must digitize operations to remain relevant and compete. Digital innovation started at the enterprise core, with ERP systems that addressed many challenges and inefficiencies. For example, manufacturers were able to track the movement of inventory and raw materials. Centralized computing systems began running monolithic software packages, handling large amounts of information on static databases forming business critical Systems of Record. And while that type of digitization is critical – it’s no longer enough to meet ever-rising customer expectations and to compete in the on-demand economy. Now, innovation is exploding on the edge of the enterprise – where businesses, their front-line workers and products, meet the customers and patients they serve – the place where work gets done. Think about the heart of manufacturing, where products get created. Or couriers getting the right products directly into consumers hands, as efficiently as possible. The digital edge is transforming business across industries today and moving from Systems of Record to Systems of Reality – visibility enabled intelligence mobilized in real-time. The new normal is for industry leaders and visionaries to leverage their investment capital, brand equity, balance sheets, and ambition to make bold moves to redefine their businesses, their categories, and the kinds of experiences they deliver. They’re taking advantage of shifts at the edge and disrupting not only their own markets, but other industries as well. For example, a car manufacturer figuring out how to reframe themselves as a smart connected product company allowing the car to be upgraded and enhanced through software over its life cycle, Walmart rolling out shelf scanning robots, or Kroger rolling out smart shelves. As these iconic companies demonstrate what’s possible, consumers expectations continue to rise, supply chains are being overhauled, and channel partnerships and ecosystems across the globe are becoming increasingly dependent upon one another. Businesses of all kinds, across industries, are recognizing the opportunity in this new era and preparing to change, knowing that if they wait, they’ll be left behind. Through our studies, we found that 64% of manufacturers expect fully connected factories by 2022. With stats like these, it’s obvious that people are preparing to act however some are still uncertain as to how or even why. Warehouse leaders are turning to technology to address critical challenges and prepare for the rapidly expanding on-demand marketplace. Studies show, decision makers plan to take an incremental approach to warehouse modernization by first focusing on their most valuable assets, their workers. The advent of ‘co-bots’, robots that collaboratively operate with human workers in the warehouse is just one recent example of this. Join Chief Technology Officer, Tom Bianculli to further understand global trends influencing the current manufacturing and supply chain landscape and to learn to identify emerging opportunities to capture a competitive edge through automation, connected products, software and data driven solutions in this digital revolution!

Key Takeaways

• Top trends and challenges transforming warehousing operations
• Insights on current and planned strategies for modernizing warehouses, distribution and fulfillment centers to expanding operations to support the anticipated dramatic growth
• The harmonious union of technology and front-line workers: Optimal balance of Automation and Workers
• Key next steps to assessing your next steps on the path to modernization wherever you may be today


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