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Velodyne Alpha Prime Lidar Sensor

Velodyne Lidar, Inc.

Summary of Innovation

Velodyne’s Alpha Prime lidar sensor was introduced in November 2019. It offers an unrivaled and world-class combination of range, image clarity and field of view.

This state-of-the-art sensor generates high quality perception in a wide variety of light conditions, with advanced sensor-to-sensor interference mitigation, power efficiency, and thermal performance. It provides long-range detection of low reflectance objects such as tire fragments, dark vehicles, asphalt, and pedestrians. The Alpha Prime enables autonomous operation within a broad range of settings.

Innovation Statement

The Alpha Prime’s unique combination of breakthrough innovations include:
• Superior field-of-view: 360-degree surround view perception and a 40-degree vertical field-of-view.
• Outstanding performance in a wide variety of lighting conditions, including retro reflectors and sunlight mitigation.
• Exceptional detection of dark or low reflectance objects at long distances, such as tires, dark vehicles, low reflectivity pavement and low visibility pedestrians.
• Advanced negative obstacle perception, such as potholes and cracks in the road.
• The highest resolution along with robust reflectivity returns from over 4.8 million points per second, simplifying detection and tracking of vehicles, pedestrians and other obstructions.
• High resolution and laser calibration enable the sensor to easily localize vehicles —outdoors or indoors — without a GPS, for precise positioning.
• Improved e?ciency for extended vehicle operating time within broad temperature and environmental ranges without the need for active cooling.
• Advanced sensor-to-sensor interference mitigation.


Alpha Prime is the most advanced lidar sensor on the market delivering an unrivaled combination of field-of-view, range, high-resolution, clarity and operational performance for solutions in the trucking, autonomous vehicle, mapping and smart city applications.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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