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Raymond Courier™ 3030 Automated Stacker

The Raymond Corporation (booth # 7819)

Summary of Innovation

The Raymond Courier™ 3030 Automated Stacker provides an innovative, easy-to-implement automation solution that requires no changes to a facility’s infrastructure or workflow. Operational from day one and effortlessly adapted into its environment, the Raymond Courier 3030 provides outstanding flexibility and scalability for any warehouse, distribution or manufacturing operation seeking automated solutions. The vehicle is seamlessly integrated into any existing fleet and can be controlled through automation, manual operation or supervisor software from any web-based device. When equipped with Raymond’s iWAREHOUSE® telematics, the Raymond Courier 3030 can provide data-driven insights into any operation by analyzing all vehicles in a company’s fleet to improve labor productivity and fleet effectiveness.

The ability of the Raymond Courier 3030 to automate repetitive tasks gives employees the freedom to develop other skill sets and accomplish more value-driven tasks. With an ability to detect obstructions in its path, the vision-guided technology, engineered by Seegrid, in the Raymond Courier 3030 uses 10 stereoscopic cameras to provide a 360-degree view of its environment, enabling the stacker to adapt to any warehouse operation. While other laser-guided technologies may necessitate infrastructure changes (e.g., mounted reflectors, drilling holes for location tags, etc.), the Raymond Courier 3030 technology allows customers to make changes on the fly and can be easily reprogrammed to perform a different task.

Innovation Statement

The Raymond Courier™ 3030 Automated Stacker is versatile and flexible, allowing it to be implemented in a wide array of applications and tasks. Operators are free to focus on more value-added tasks and can manage multiple Raymond Courier 3030 trucks at a time due to the vehicle’s ability to easily automate repetitive tasks.


The success and value of the Raymond Courier™ 3030 Automated Stacker in addressing material handling issues, such as increased demand, skilled labor shortages, high labor costs and inefficient workflows, has and will continue to inspire companies globally with its capability to improve productivity and maximize effectiveness.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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