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FlytWare - Indoor Autonomous Drones for Warehouse Inventory

FlytBase, Inc. (booth # 1409)

Summary of Innovation

FlytWare combines intelligent software with reliable, off-the-shelf drone hardware for safe and cost-effective automation of inventory counts in warehouses, distribution centers, and even retail stores such as warehouse clubs. A rapidly scalable solution for drones in warehousing, seamlessly integrated with warehouse management systems, FlytWare adapts to a variety of case/pallet storage formats, aisle widths, barcodes, QR codes, and inventory counting processes. By taking a platform approach, and using off-the-shelf (instead of custom) drones, FlytWare is designed to be hardware-agnostic, and leverage the commoditization of drone hardware and battery technology, thus creating compelling business value for inventory stakeholders.

Innovation Statement

FlytWare’s ability to accurately navigate multiple drones in GPS-denied environments is enabled by multi-sensor fusion, computer vision and machine learning techniques. By using intelligent automation software, FlytWare is capable of flying off-the-shelf drones in challenging environments such as very narrow aisles (less than 6-feet wide) and very tall racks (more than 32 feet tall). Full autonomy is enabled by adding precision landing and autonomous charging capability, which allows drone fleets to be deployed in warehouses & DCs without any human involvement.


Inventory stakeholders at logistics facilities can use fully autonomous drones in warehouse racks for cycle counts, empty/full slot detection, SKU search, audits and more - saving time, labor, equipment - while getting more frequent, more accurate, more rich inventory data.


Posted Date 11/28/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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