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iDock™ Connect

Systems, LLC (booth # 2922)

Summary of Innovation

Companies with loading dock equipment from brands of Systems can now connect their docks to the cloud with iDock Connect, a web-based software for online analytics of loading dock activity. Users can login to review the current status of their docks, or monitor dock activity and efficiency over time.

iDock Connect will also send text/email notifications of various events at the loading dock, such as truck arrival/departure, maintenance past due, doors left open, after hours activity, and more. This helps alert key personnel to react and improve their loading dock operations.

Innovation Statement

Using IoT technology with Poweramp, DLM, or McGuire loading dock equipment, companies can connect their docks to the cloud. The technologically advanced iDock Controls will gather data from various sensors installed with the dock equipment. That data is then sent to the cloud, where it’s converted into useful visual reports in the customer’s online account with iDock Connect.


iDock Connect will give facilities with loading docks the ability to login to their online account anytime, anywhere, and monitor an array of valuable data generated and displayed as easy-to-understand reports, so they can improve their dock efficiency, equipment usage, and operational safety.


Posted Date 11/11/19
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