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Topper Industrial Develops an Automated Transfer Cart

Topper Industrial (booth # 8054)

Summary of Innovation

Topper Industrial has developed an automated, two-position transfer cart for material delivery.

In the earlier stages of designing and manufacturing transfer carts, the transfer was done by manually pushing or transferring the product. The process would start when a driver using a tugger pulls the transfer cart into the transfer location. The driver lines up the cart using visual indictors or by tracking rails anchored to the floor. The driver would then dismount from the tugger, walk over to the container, release all necessary safety interlock and physically push the container of material into the receiving station.

Over time, Topper’s design team started evolving their transfer cart design by moving materials with powered rollers with the consideration of the ergonomic disadvantages in a manual transfer. The new design on the transfer carts improved load capacities, ergonomics and cycle time. They still pose challenges with the alignment to the transfer locations and execution of the transfer.
With extensive research and development, as well as advances in technology, Topper Industrial was able to improve solutions to the automated transfer cart design that eliminated all tracking, aligning and pushing ailments seen in the older design.

Innovation Statement

Topper’s innovation to its manual transfer cart is a fully automated transfer cart that can be designed in one or two positions (or stations). The automated transfer cart coupled in a train formation is ideal for material transport. The cart is a quad-steer design. All four caster articulate to achieving a better turning radius than a rigid and swivel design and gives the cart excellent tracking.


Topper Industrial’s automated transfer carts create an efficient, ergonomic way to move material in a predetermined, mapped out, safe and reliable process. By choosing to incorporate cart delivery, users can create a better, more predictable workflow which improves production and combats unnecessary downtime.

There are many ways to integrate our transfer cart to your facility.


Posted Date 11/08/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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