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Topper Industrial adds Low Profile Design to line of Wheels on the Ground Mother Daughter Carts

Topper Industrial (booth # 8054)

Summary of Innovation

Topper Industrial has developed a new Mother Daughter Cart design that has been added to their “Wheels on the Ground” patent. The new cart design incorporates a low-profile steel structure with material load and unload from one side of the cart. It is patented under US Patent No. 10,093,334.

Innovation Statement

The new low-profile Mother Cart is a four-wheel, quad steering cart. The cart is an innovation of Topper’s already patented “Wheels on the Ground” design. This means that all wheels stay on the ground through transport, tracking and material exchange with the daughter carts. The Mother Daughter Cart can be set up for one, two or three position in material movement. Also, any type of cart can be utilized as a daughter cart and each daughter cart can be designed to fit within the Mother Cart frame.


Topper Industrial’s low-profile Mother Daughter cart is a safe, efficient and versatile cart delivery system. By choosing to incorporate cart delivery, users are able to create a better, more predictable work flow which improves production and combats unnecessary downtime.


Posted Date 11/08/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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