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Automated Bag Management System - ABMS

Siemens Logistics LLC (booth # 8411)

Summary of Innovation

It's common for parcel delivery services to initially handle small parcels, known as “smalls,” separately from regular-sized parcels. In the initial sorting process, a number of smalls that share a destination or downstream processing are sorted to bags that fit into the size specification of a regular-sized parcel. When a bag becomes full, it is closed, labeled, and continues toward a shared destination for the contents, handled as a regular sized parcel.
Siemens Logistics LLC has streamlined this labor-intensive bagging process with our innovative Automated Bag Management System (ABMS). ABMS is a material handling solution that radically improves the productivity for these operations using either reusable bags or recyclable bags, and improves the efficiency of the sorter in the process by minimizing the time that a sorting destination is offline during sweeping.

Innovation Statement

Siemens Logistics LLC designed a novel, low-cost accumulation and sweeping system that clears a bag full of smalls from the sorter chute, returning the chute to active status in under 2 seconds. The group of smalls is then transferred to either a fully automatic vertical form-fill-seal bagging system in the case of recyclable plastic bags, or to an AGV-based filling system for reusable bags, to complete processing.


ABMS drives down the cost of processing small parcels in transportation and delivery services.


Posted Date 10/25/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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