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OneCharge Li-ion Batteries Management System

OneCharge Inc. (booth # 8260)

Summary of Innovation

OneCharge Advanced Battery Management System collects data on battery performance for constant optimization of energy use and uptime increase.

Innovation Statement

The extra power a smart phone brings to your daily life is like what a OneCharge Li-ion Battery can do for your truck. It will make your battery not just smart, but super smart. Here’s just a few things a standard OneCharge battery management system can do:
- synchronize the discharge of each cell to fine-tune a battery to optimum performance real time;
- provide early diagnostics of potential failure;
- offer WiFi connectivity for real-time remote diagnostics;
- collect data to help keep your truck fleet at top performance; OneCharge battery management system generates data on battery charging events and performance level over time.


Multiple researches show that less than 10% of IoT industrial data is analyses and put into practical use. OneCharge is changing this for its clients and makes those investments into data collection finally bring tangible results! New Li-ion batteries bring step-change improvement in truck performance and continue to provide valuable insights on further uptime increase over time.


Posted Date 9/11/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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