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x.SIP - Supply Chain Integration Solution

TechSera Inc. (booth # 7270)

Summary of Innovation

x.SIP is an intelligent supply chain integration platform. It connects upstream with your downstream seamlessly. It has built-in intelligence based on AI and machine learning to reduce frequency of errors and analytics for better optimization and forecasting of your business.

x.SIP can help your business connect with enterprise, on-premise, or any cloud applications. It supports various channels, technologies, and integrations. Customer on-boarding is quick, easy, and hassle free. No complications, just intelligent platform!

x.SIP integrates with different sales channels of your business to create a digital omnichannel platform so that your consumers can have seamless shopping experience. Adding another sales channel is easy and time to market is faster.

x.SIP supports legacy and modern technologies. It can connect systems, applications, and data using API and B2B transactions using EDI. It is a cloud based application and it can connect on-premise applications or those are on cloud. For x.SIP, it is seamless where the application is hosted.

Innovation Statement

A technology-agnostic, cloud-agnostic platform that offers end to end integration from your eCommerce, retail, marketplaces, or ERPs to warehouse management system and carriers.


x.SIP is designed for small, medium, and tier-1 businesses likewise because it is transaction based subscription model. x.SIP can put your business on marketplaces in matter of few weeks since we have already established pre-built connectors.

Posted Date 8/22/19
Contact Akalpita Thakre
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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