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Clever Foot Lever

Posted by Rocke Solid, LLC (booth # C2748)

Summary of Innovation

The clever foot lever was originally developed, manufactured and sold tot he US government. It was added to an outboard engine maintenance rack to allow one military personnel to move 400+ outboard engines around. The clever foot lever reduces the pull back on outboard engine carts by more then 85%. After seven years of successful use by the military one of our works was watching a delivery driver struggle with pulling back a stack of sodas. He immediately thought of the clever foot lever on the outboard engine racks and from there he began the process of modifying the clever foot lever to fit various type of handcarts most commonly used by the industry.
Upon further interaction with various companies like Reyes and Sysco we have modified the product and made appropriate adjustments that clearly not only leverage the pull back of a handcart but will also allow for more women to become delivery drives due to the reduced weight getting pulled back.

Innovation Statement

The clever foot lever reduces the strain on delivery drives back and legs by reducing the weight being pulled back by more then 85%.


The development of this is significant because it could reduce workers comps claims, reduce job related back injuries and allow more companies to hire women. Only 1% of the delivery drivers today are women and this is because of the amount of weight required to be handled on a handcart.


Posted Date 12/13/17
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