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iFlex ForkGuard

Posted by A-SAFE USA (booth # B1446)

Summary of Innovation

A-Safe’s new iFlex ForkGuard, made from a patented polymer blend known as Memaplex, has inherent strength and flexibility that enables the material to absorb and dissipate impact forces from warehouse vehicles. The ForkGuard’s continuous extrusion profile results in a smooth, unbroken surface that reduces ingress points, enables easy cleaning, and enhances hygiene. Its base sealing ensures dirt and debris cannot accumulate between the floor surface and bottom of the barrier.

The specifically designed height of the iFlex ForkGuard provides optimal fork and pallet protection while remaining retrofittable, highly visible, and allows for quick assembly. Through its distinctive yellow and contrasting black color, the iFlex ForkGuard creates a strong, highly visible segregation system, while dual stripes mark the height to avoid trip hazards.

Innovation Statement

Coupled with Memaplex engineering, the iFlex ForkGuard’s new and exclusive Aero Technology provides internal reinforcement along the full length of the protective body, delivering unprecedented levels of impact resistance and anti-piercing protection from vehicle forks and sharp objects.


Floor level guarding against damage and injury from workplace vehicles.


Posted Date 11/16/17
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