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suitX Industrial Exoskeleton: MAX System

Posted by suitX (booth # B1474)

Summary of Innovation

suitX is a technology company designing and manufacturing Industrial Exoskeletons that
address common problems faced by workers to improve everyday life. The lightweight design
and versatile modules support workers performing strenuous activities including lifting, stooping, bending
and squatting, allowing workers to become more productive by reducing muscle strain by as much as

Innovation Statement

Innovative exoskeleton technology that reduces the amount of strength required to lift objects, and/or allow a worker to more easily maintain strenuous positions, in various activities. Until now, the focus on ergonomics in the workplace has been on enhancing the environment surrounding the worker to improve safety and productivity, suitX's MAX system enhances the actual worker to help achieve these goals.


Most activities that requires a worker to manually lift an object, or maintain a bent position.


Posted Date 11/01/17
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Category Best New Innovation

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