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Fetch Robotics (booth # 9011)

Summary of Innovation

Over the past decade, the manufacturing, logistics, and distribution industries have poured billions of dollars into fixed automation solutions such as conveyors, automatic storage and retrieval systems, and sortation systems with great success. However, in order to thrive in today’s dynamic and ever changing market with increasing demand, labor shortages, shorter delivery windows, and tightening margins, companies need the flexibility to change processes, workflows, and facility layout without having to gut their facility and start back at square one.

Fetch Robotics’ RollerTop AMR enables companies to leverage as much of their investment in fixed automation as possible, but also introduce a more flexible and agile form of automation that can adjust to changes in business requirements. The RollerTop AMR does this by replacing sections of physical conveyor with a virtual conveyor, typically reclaiming the 15% of facility space that would be otherwise inefficiently used by traditional conveyance systems. RollerTop also can be leveraged in an optimized fulfillment workflow to autonomously move merchandise from picking aisles into induction without the need of human assistance.

Innovation Statement

RollerTop AMRs deploy quickly and provide completely autonomous conveyor-to-conveyor material transport as well as human-to-robot-to-conveyor material transport. Precision markers, Fetch’s Precision Alignment feature, and FetchLink guarantee repeatable millimeter-level precision for reliable autonomous delivery onto a conveyor.


RollerTop enables companies to leverage their investment in fixed conveyor and integrate this investment with a flexible and more agile form of automation, which in turn reclaims facility space that is being inefficiently used.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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